The Greedy Fellow


Hey guys, trust you all are doing great. I have been away for a while because I never knew blogging, going to school and working simultaneously could be so overwhelming. I was struck to get my laptop and blog today after seeing a movie titled “The Good Lie”. The story is loosely based on “The lost boys” from the South Sudan Civil War. After watching this movie I was in conflict with myself. I saw the way war drove away peace and also the struggle for human survival. Although this film was based on events from late 90’s to 2001 there are still so many people who are currently destroyed by war. You must have probably heard Continue reading


Where Did the Holiday Go?


Hey guys, I hope you’re having an awesome day. The holidays end tomorrow for many people and I am not the happiest person about it 😦 .  About a week ago we were singing, “Santa Claus is coming to town” but now he has gone back to the North Pole. Also, a day before yesterday we were all in the New Year spirit.  Sadly, all good things come to an end and so the holiday is over. Continue reading

It’s a New Year Now What?


Happy New Year guys 🙂 !!! I am super excited 2014 is over. I must say that last year went pretty fast and it had its moments. Lots of terrible things happened last year. For example, the Malaysian plane got missing, the South Korean ship carrying students sank, there was the Ebola crisis, more than 200 Chibok girls from my country Nigeria, were abducted, the ISIS killings, the teenage boys who were killed by police officers and so on. But hey, you are reading this post which proves that you made it through 2014 alive. Lots of people lost their houses, jobs, families and even their lives. Reflecting back at the year Continue reading

New Year Resolutions?


Hello 🙂 , I hope you are having a beautiful day. It is almost the end of 2014 (which is making me super excited) and it’s that time of the year to make new year resolutions.  I was having a discussion with my friend today when she pulled out a long list from her bag. I asked her what that was and she said, “it’s my new year resolutions.” I realized I did not make a list yet for myself and the month is almost ending but I asked myself, do I need one? Continue reading

Mesoma the Mini Foreigner

Hello, welcome to my website. My name is Mesoma Akaolisa (pronounced meh-saw-mah). I am a Nigerian girl currently in the United States of America. I am a college student in Baltimore, Maryland. I am a biology major and also a sophomore student. I want to be a medical doctor in the future specifically a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Continue reading