Mesoma the Mini Foreigner

Hello, welcome to my website. My name is Mesoma Akaolisa (pronounced meh-saw-mah). I am a Nigerian girl currently in the United States of America. I am a college student in Baltimore, Maryland. I am a biology major and also a sophomore student. I want to be a medical doctor in the future specifically a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. I started my own blog because I want a platform where I can share my ideas, stories and opinions to the world. I have also loved writing so I was like why not start my own blog. I love Alternative rock any time any day. I listen to Kings of Leon, Coldplay and Beck. I am part of the Bey hive (Team Bey because she is awesome). My blog will be talking about my daily encounters and popular topics that can be discussed and I intend on connecting with everyone irrespective of race, sexuality, religion etc. I really hope you all like my blog and also please feel free to comment so that we can hold a discussion. Thank you for stopping by.


6 responses to “Mesoma the Mini Foreigner

  1. I have no idea if they are alternatve rock but have you heard bad suns? They are pretty cool. Also welcome to the blogging world.


  2. Reblogged this on NearlyWes and commented:
    Welcome Mesoma to the blogging world everyone, even though I have no idea what a mini foreigner is. She seems very nice and friendly, so I don’t think she’ll bite anyone who goes to her site.
    At least I hope not :O


  3. Welcome! I look forward to reading more. We’re all pretty solid here, so come on in and join the party! 🙂


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