The Greedy Fellow


Hey guys, trust you all are doing great. I have been away for a while because I never knew blogging, going to school and working simultaneously could be so overwhelming. I was struck to get my laptop and blog today after seeing a movie titled “The Good Lie”. The story is loosely based on “The lost boys” from the South Sudan Civil War. After watching this movie I was in conflict with myself. I saw the way war drove away peace and also the struggle for human survival. Although this film was based on events from late 90’s to 2001 there are still so many people who are currently destroyed by war. You must have probably heard about the terrorist attack in France and even recently, there was a bombing in Nigeria resulting to the loss of 2000 people. These tragic events should be a medium for one to reflect on their life.

The greedy fellow is someone who does not appreciate anything they have like their life, house, family, job and so on. The greedy fellow fails to notice the “good things of life” like the beautiful flowers in the garden, he fails to notice the birds soaring in the air. Before watching this movie, I guess I was a greedy fellow too. I was so sad that I could not get a “new” dining set for my house, but after watching the movie, I appreciated the fact that I even have a house to rest my head.

So many times we are so unappreciative and fail to appreciate the little things that life has given to us. I was riding the train to the hospital on Friday. thankfulThe train was filled with  people of different races, age and sexuality. Every minute I was on that train was beautiful! Strangers were involved in discussions like they’ve known themselves for ages, little children were playing, everyone was merry. No one cared if the other person was gay, or even white or black or if the person was poor or rich. All I could say to myself was “Life is beautiful”. Appreciate every thing you have and are. Someone out there would trade anything to be in your position. The trailer of the movie is down below and so this weekend find time and watch it. Cheers xx.

Photo Credit: UIC , Pioneerdrama


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