Where Did the Holiday Go?


Hey guys, I hope you’re having an awesome day. The holidays end tomorrow for many people and I am not the happiest person about it 😦 .  About a week ago we were singing, “Santa Claus is coming to town” but now he has gone back to the North Pole. Also, a day before yesterday we were all in the New Year spirit.  Sadly, all good things come to an end and so the holiday is over. To some people it’s time to see that horrible boss’ face again, to others it’s time to go back to school and be bombarded with homework while very few people are happy to be out again (those WEIRDOS ha ha). The holiday was a blast for me, I watched TV until I could not keep my eyes open, I ate until my belly was swollen and the best part, I got to see friends and family. I am preparing to go back to school and my heart is aching *sniffs*.

The advantage of going back to our daily lives is that future holidays will be appreciated.tumblr_losjbao7cb1qazstso1_500 For example, someone who stays at home all day, all month, feels indifferent when it is time for the holidays and so they miss out in all the fun and excitement. Also, the bills do not pay itself and food does not buy itself either. So lets cheer up and get back on our feet to look for ways to advance our lives. Challenge your self to be a better person and set realistic goals, I repeat realistic goals for yourself. Although optimism is perfect, you must be realistic enough to know what you are capable of achieving.

So dust your shoes and prepare to go back to work or school 🙂 ! Please sound off in the comment section how your holiday went and also if you are happy or sad that the holiday is over. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for taking your time to read this post. Cheers xx.

Photo Credits : Careerealism , Nirrosette


5 responses to “Where Did the Holiday Go?

  1. I feel as if I had just two days off, in fact it was two weeks. It went by too fast with no time to rest. I’m absolutely not looking forward to going back to work on Monday.


  2. This is so true ! It feels like the holiday flew by but it was a good mini vacation might I add. Now it is time to get back to reality to start off the new year the right way.


  3. Haha. We all are lazy in some ways lol. No problem have a great week.

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